Bringing quality, plant-based meals and human connection to those without shelter.

Get Involved

$25 to deliver love.

For every $25 you give, five people in the community are delivered healthy meal, a smile, and a conversation with somebody who cares.


Here’s how you can step in.

Donate to help spread love.

Every donation goes directly to a meal for the houseless. Our organization is run by volunteers who are passionate about spreading love to the houseless community, which means your donation goes straight to benefiting the life of someone in your neighborhood.


Be the heart of our team.

Sign up to volunteer today. Each volunteer on our team is there to spread love to our community. When you volunteer you can expect to be surrounded by wonderful people who share your values, like to laugh, have fun, and all show up to make the world a better place.


Gifts for good.

Each purchase of a mug or water bottle buys three meals for a person in need.

Food we’re proud to serve.

Our focus is to cook healthy, plant-based meals we would want to eat ourselves, and deliver them by hand to unsheltered communities. We create healthy, plant-based meals we would want to eat ourselves or serve to our families, then hand deliver them in eco-friendly packaging to unsheltered communities. Each meal is delivered with a smile and a conversation to communicate to those we are serving that they are seen, loved, and their life matters.

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Birthed from a legacy of love through food.

Nicole Derseweh is the heart and soul behind The Martha Project.

As a published author and Hollywood chef, Nicole started The Martha Project in honor of her grandma Martha who served food to her neighbors who were in need.

Now, with a Le Cordon Bleu education and a passion for plant-based food, Nicole and the team are bringing food to the houseless community that she would be proud to serve her family and friends.

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Spread the love.

The best way to get involved is to donate to The Martha Project. All proceeds go toward providing more support to those in our society who are most in need of help. In the future, we hope to expand The Martha Project to provide volunteering opportunities outside of the Los Angeles area, so stay in touch by following us on our Instagram.